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Louise E. & William W. Savin Funeral Home

Our History

The Louise E. & William W. Savin Funeral Home was founded by William "Billy" Savin in 1926.  Billy was fondly described as an extremely benevolent, compassionate and creative individual; he would never hesitate to lend a helping hand and loved to make others smile.  He and his effervescent, altruistic, and inspiring wife Louise E. Savin successfully ran the business together until 1940, at which time, Billy sadly passed away.  Despite experiencing such a tragic and unexpected loss, Louise's steadfast dedication and desire to help her community motivated her to maintain the Savin Funeral Home thus keeping its vision and values intact.


In the 1970s, the Savin's oldest son, William W. "Buddy" Savin, who encompasses the fine qualities instilled by both his parents, joined the team.


Years later, Buddy’s younger brother Warren J. Savin and Buddy’s  daughter Robin Williams followed the family tradition.  


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