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Pre-Planning Checklist

There are so many important decisions to be made when pre-planning your end-of-life needs.   As such, The Savin Funeral Service has prepared a checklist of items to think about or bring with you to your pre-planning meeting.



• Create a contact list including names, addresses and phone numbers of those who should be notified in a medical emergency or death.

• Provide contact details for Savin Funeral Service

• Note what you would like included in which obituary.


Your Service

• Do you prefer burial or cremation?

• Do you have a cemetery lot? What is the location?

• What type or color of casket or urn type do you prefer?

• Would you perfer a vault?

• What type of service–religious, military, non-denominational?

• Who would the pallbearers be?

• What type of music, scripture readings flowers and/or colors do your prefer?

• Do you prefer any special speakers?

• Do you want to choose a charity, church or organization to receive memorial donations in lieu of flowers?


Financial Arrangements

Although not necessary, by locking-in today's pricing you will save your family's money and relieve additional financial burden. Your money will be safe and secure until the needs arise.

• Pay for the cemetery plot, marker and services.

• Pay for funeral arrangements, transportation and clergy.



Although pre-planning there are still items to finalize. Prepare a few trusted individuals with instructions and financial details.

• Provide your executor with a copy of your Will.

• In addition, provide a list of important bank account information, telephone numbers for insurance policies, retirement plans, investments, safe-deposit boxes, properties and law firms.

• Remind your executor to call the Social Security Administration and if you are receiving benefits, such as from the Veteran's Administration, they should be contacted as well.

• Designate a power of attorney to ensure information can be accessed in the event of illness or death. Ensure a durable power of attorney for health care and a living will are in place in the event you are unable to do so.

• If you have a pet, think about making arrangements on who will take care of it or find it a new home.

• Designate a manager for any online accounts such as email, social media or otherwise with instructions to sustain, delete and/or close.