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Louise E. & William W. Savin Funeral Home

The Louise E. & William W Savin Funeral Home accomodates every person that walks through our door with our unique and individualized brand of personalized care.

There is no "official" or "proper" funeral service.  This is a deeply personal time for reflection and sharing. You and those close to you are at the very core of the process, consequently the choices you make will determine its importance for you.  Your active participation in the planning of the funeral service is what creates a meanfulful experience for everyone.  We are here for you.  Our aim is to provide you with an abundance of emotional support and resources.  We are able to empathize and we are here to help.  


Our highly skilled, meticulous and compassionate licensed funeral directors are experienced with a many cultures and religious faiths in addition we offer celebration of life specialists who create a personal, memorable and beautiful celebratory memorial service with or without the family's clergy (depending on the preference of the family).  


It is our goal to work with you to acknowledge that a unique life has been lived and offer to the community a personalized way in which to celebrate that life.  

Arranging A Funeral